And a strange asks

Where do you all buy groceries ? Where do you shop , you people of the mountains?

It’s true, we cannot buy underwear or socks in our town. 

Our town makes mineral water soaps, homemade beef jerky, no promises at a future.

I don’t think I look mountain exactly, but the Trader Joe’s in Chico is keenly aware

of those mountain folk with 300 bucks worth of groceries in their carts.

They nod and sigh when they see us, knowing we will take up their time.

About Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia primarily writes fiction, essays and poetry from a remote corner of the Sierra Nevada. She's currently working on a non-fiction book regarding body positivity through plus-sized alternative modeling .She blogs here and at Throwing Chanclas. And is the co-founder of Pachuca Productions a Latina owned microtheatre in Plumas County, California
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1 Response to And a strange asks

  1. Ron. says:

    I, too, live in mountains (also northern mountains but way, waaaaay further east) and although it took a while for the locals to accept my presence, noww (two & a half decades later) they speak to me kindly, and I have become wary of newcomers. I just read your Grandfather poem at the egg & am very favorably impressed. I guess I’ll have to check out your prose, too. Salute, poet!

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