Scary Costume Ideas # 19

Scary Costume Ideas # 19

The breath of a

deer mouse in a canvas tent

Your hooves dressed in foot

and mouth disease

the rash upon your skin

the itch upon your desire

My lungs outfitted for summer fire

The mentality of small town newspaper reporters

Spotting off about things they know nothing about

The farm bureau’s voting guide

The Greenville Sheriff Station’s

critical thinking skills

The clutter of my living room

The ash beneath the hearth

The books I will never get

around to reading––the re-reads which

keep me awake at night

Whatever made the dog growl and pace

The perimeter of the yard, tail pointed

And eager for chase

The days when you become a ghost

When I inhabit only a compartment of your heart

The day that we are over

The day before we begin again

About Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia primarily writes fiction, essays and poetry from a remote corner of the Sierra Nevada. She's currently working on a non-fiction book regarding body positivity through plus-sized alternative modeling .She blogs here and at Throwing Chanclas. And is the co-founder of Pachuca Productions a Latina owned microtheatre in Plumas County, California
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