Post Election Day

I can’t even convey what a great time my son and I had last night watching election returns with his lesbian grandmothers in one room and running back to the iMac to check the big electoral map on the in the other.

He’s been following some things…as much as a nine year old can follow politics. He asks about other states. Why is Texas always angry? For example. Why do the poor states always elect Republicans and then remain poor economies? What the hell is an electoral college? Why is Mommy a Green and not a Democrat? What are the issues we care about? What do we like best about being Californians?

And the list goes on. I answered best I could last night. When he and his grandmother’s started to get antsy about things being neck and neck and I was smiling I explained the west coast hasn’t been counted and not to worry. The West Coast is full of highly educated, innovated people who are responsible for a good deal of the great things we have in this country. Clean air to high tech, it happens here. And it’s here that we don’t go freaky about what you look like or who is in your household. We have pockets of that, sure, but for the most part we are the beautiful live and let live Left Coast and proud.

My son was REALLY into the counting and the hoopla of everything last night. I’m a Green , not a Democrat so I lost my trust and faith in the Blue along time ago. I keep it to optimism and a hope that mainstream center Dems one day get it. But for now. I was happy to watch him be happy …and a Mexican-American artistic child from a gay military family could find a place for himself in the electorate. We have come a long way.

About Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia is the author of short story ebook collection Sad Girls and Other Stories, and the audiobook Mary of the Chance Encounters, and the co-founder and lead playwright of Las Pachucas, theatrical troupe. She teaches creative writing and theatre in a California state prison.
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