Plumas County Gets a Listen To Your Mother Show!

Plumas County Gets a Listen To Your Mother Show!

Last Spring I traveled off the mountain for an audition in Ft. Mason for the San Francisco production and totally approached it as a wild card. While it was great to pal around with friends in The City for 24 hours, I was sure competition would be stiff and in no way would my story be chosen for the Mother’s Day spoken word show. But it was! And each month that Spring I made my way back to the City for rehearsals. I met other mom writer people (truly our own species) and had a great reawakening with the stage (what kept me away from it for so long?).

Here is the SF 2012 show: and here’s me if you’re interested: . Someone remind me not to wear eyeshadow.

When I finally got to see the YouTube’d SF show I was elated to see how different we were as a cast. There were nice mommies here and indie mommies. Mommies from Silicon Valley. Mommies with tattoos. Our directors Kirsten and Kim had found a way to encompass what it is to be a mother in Northern California–they slyly found us all there representing our corners of our worlds that were both universal and very specific. Bravo.

At the SF show a small contingent of Plumas County (my small county east and north of SF in the Sierra Mountains a brief 4.5 hour drive from San Francisco) had come to the show. What were the odds we thought afterwards of bringing a show like this to Plumas County?

We call it Plumas County because all of our rinky-dink towns are too small for most people to know: Quincy, Greenville, Chester, Portola. See? Told ya. We have less than 20,000 people and time sometimes forgets us. We are populated by old families who’ve been here forever, indigenous Maidu families,  telecommuters from the Bay Area, and those southern Californians that got in the car one day and drove north til they stopped. It’s the only area of California where under 300K can buy you a beautiful home on acres of land.

I was confident we could have a show here. We are a tight knit everybody knows everyone community of misfits and overfits. We are that tiny corner of California that votes Red instead of Blue. We are populated by hippies and ranchers alike and have learned to get along. And if we have one thing in common it’s the unspoken notion that up here out of the way of the world, is a great place to raise children. Children raised here get to go outside and play. Everyone knows whose kid belongs to whom. Lots of mothering goes on here–all types. After living here ten years this coming year, I feel like I’ve borne witness to so much and I’m anxious for the world to see us. I’m also quite certain that given our fractionalization last year with talk of school closures and other budget cuts, that a show that unites us will be of great benefit to all of us.

This is the perfect place for an LTYM show. 

So I applied to Ann Immig, the show’s founder to have a LTYM show here in Plumas County, along with Roxanne Valladao from Plumas Arts—and we made it. 

Congratulations , Plumas County —one of the 24 designated cities across the United States to have a Listen to Your Mother Show in May, 2013 for Mother’s Day.

I look forward to directing my first show and reading the essays of mothers from the Sierra Mountain counties of Plumas, Butte, Sierra, and Lassen. I look forward to casting the show and doing my small part to help keep Plumas County on the map!

About Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia is the author of short story ebook collection Sad Girls and Other Stories, and the audiobook Mary of the Chance Encounters, and the co-founder and lead playwright of Las Pachucas, theatrical troupe. She teaches creative writing and theatre in a California state prison.
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4 Responses to Plumas County Gets a Listen To Your Mother Show!

  1. So many CONGRATS!

    I so adore that your show was born of being in San Francisco’s! Shows the power of something so amazing!

    Way to go, woman!!

  2. Ann Imig says:

    I love this. Your show is going to be amazing.Thank you Margaret!

  3. stephprecourt says:

    Beautiful beautiful! Congrats!!


  4. I truly can’t wait to watch the videos that come out of Plumas County, my lovely friend. I just know they will be amazing. xo

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