Kickstart a Local Production

Local Chico based-director Heidi Moore needs you. She has a film she’s making that’s in desperate need of funding. Check out her Dolly Deadly Kickstarter Campaign. What’s Dolly Deadly about? Half- Troma like camp/ half horror film homage, Dolly Deadly takes anti-bullying campaigns to a whole new level —-revenge. A nice kid in a trailer park is bullied by both the adults and other kids around him for playing with his dolls—the only thing his late mother left him. One day he snaps and so do his come to life dollies.


Even a small contribution will help Heidi get this film where it needs to be.  Contribute to her  Dolly Deadly Kickstarter Campaign.

About Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia primarily writes fiction, essays and poetry from a remote corner of the Sierra Nevada. She's currently working on a non-fiction book regarding body positivity through plus-sized alternative modeling .She blogs here and at Throwing Chanclas. And is the co-founder of Pachuca Productions a Latina owned microtheatre in Plumas County, California
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