Endoscopic Heart

My heart does not die easily

it’s been around and around

blood pumping in and out

sometimes for you

sometimes for me

but it does not turn off easily

There is nothing blocked, nothing slowing

no obstructions —

Aging does not slow it down.

My heart might be

drawn in fours,

compartmentalized, you’ll say

unable to beat as one unfailing beat

(which is what  all lovers want, really)

I have thought about ripping it out

of my chest and giving it to you

telling you here, put this on ice,

thaw it as you see fit,

give it away, it’s yours

because you seem to be the kind

of person who thrives on

the blue blood oxygen of others.

My veins, my arteries,

they reach through and passed the heart

like tentacles to find you, comfort you

sit here next to you when I have

so much more to do, to do, with you, with you

My heart does not die easily

It’s beat is louder with you in here

It’s beat is stronger with you in here

I say unconvincing words, breathy and soft and typed

you are not a believer in words, or deeds–my lungs have failed me.

there are the marks of too many people

I cannot unlove in here

But this bruja heart, this sanguine run

the red noise in our background

that i cannot go to sleep without.

Your courage might whither–

But I live here –within these walls

this cavity, this red couch these

blue purple walls. your name is here

carved on the inside. solid. etched.

It almost doesn’t matter that you’re gone.

About Margaret Elysia Garcia

Margaret Elysia Garcia is the author of short story ebook collection Sad Girls and Other Stories, and the audiobook Mary of the Chance Encounters, and the co-founder and lead playwright of Las Pachucas, theatrical troupe. She teaches creative writing and theatre in a California state prison.
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