Margaret Elysia Garcia is the author of Sad Girls & Other Stories and Mary of the Chance Encounters, a reporter , contributing editor for Hip Mama Magazine and recently wrote for Dame Magazine and Ravishly. She’s the co-founder of Pachuca Productions—a Latina microtheatre company and has produced two productions through her company and three plays of hers were produced through Wretched Productions film company and dramaworks theatre companies. She is currently working on a non-fiction book called Throwing the Curve on alternative modeling and burlesque dancing as a means to sustained body positivity.

2Margaret Elysia Garcia lives in exile from her urban roots in the far northeastern corner of California where she’s learning to live a survivalist existence without water or fast Internet.

She’s the author of Sad Girls & Other Stories (new on Solstice Literary Press), as well as many chapbooks of poetry including Alzheimer’s Cul de Sac, You in the House of My Heart, Choosing Words, and When the Ground Tore Open. Her play Before You Barefoot had its premiere in 2015. She’s a contributing editor for Hip Mama magazine, and writes the comic zine The Adventures of Sad Girl with her 13-year-old daughter, Paloma.

She hosts the radio show Milkshake & Honey a DJ at Plumas Community Radio.

She’s a four-time local director for the national spoken word Listen to Your Mother (2013-2015).  Her 2012 essay for the San Francisco Listen to Your Mother Show, “Questions & Answers” –about her children’s lesbian grandmothers– was featured on Upworthy in 2014.

Margaret is currently looking for sponsors for the new play The Serious Moonlinght: The Continuing Adventures of Sad Girlwhich will premiere in Quincy, CA on July 19-22 2018. She’s also looking for theaters that would like to perform Before You Barefoot or Adventures of SadGirl: Superheroine.