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On Blogging, Writing, and Self-Promotion

The task seems daunting: how does one get ones words out into the world? How does one get those words taken seriously? Often writers are frustrated people. We are frustrated by ourselves when we aren’t writing. Frustrated by people who … Continue reading

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Let the Naked Memoir Begin…

Being accurate about one’s teenage state of mind is wincingly painful at times… but I can’t talk about the later years without acknowledging the soup in which they were formed. So…The Gay Dad Project has graciously decided a version of … Continue reading

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Third Thoughts of Remembrance

In the early days…and by that I mean the days when one could dream of being an artist and not laugh ridiculously at oneself for muttering that after a fifth beer or a fifth of something else.  The early days … Continue reading

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Our New Season

If I’ve done nothing else then I’m here with you— the bedroom’s September window nights full of stars sky minus fires the darkness still alive with the songs of wings rubbing it can still be hot— but the mornings signal … Continue reading

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Man Hands and Shaved Kitties

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Poem without Discussion

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The Goal, The Experience

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Old poems for old skin

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That kind of woman you like

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‘In Sickness and in Health,’ my ass.

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