Plays: Adventures of SadGirl: Superheroine

New play currently in production at the West End Theatre in Quincy, CA. Tickets go on sale on August 25, 2015 Adventures of SadGirl: Superheroine

SadGirl flies around the world saving women and girls from making shitty life choices and fighting off societal expectations and BS. Her motto? Superheroes save the world, but SadGirl saves your ass.

Last year in conjunction with Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions, we produced my play Before You Barefoot at the West End Theatre in Quincy, CA. Here’s some photos below from the production.

Before You Barefoot

Before You Were Barefoot_7Before You Barefoot is an original play by Margaret Elysia Garcia which had its world premiere on September 26th and 27th , 2014 in Quincy, CA at the West End Theatre. It was co- directed by Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions and Margaret Elysia Garcia


Before You Barefoot: A Black Comedy of Revenge marks Margaret Elysia Garcia’s return to playwrighting after a hiatus of 16 years. The character of the Lover has been playing with the hearts (and feet) of his paramours for years and feeding their sometimes low-self esteem about their bodies.  He’s built himself a solid backstory of who he is and what he wants out of life. What happens when he makes an about face change and this confirmed bachelor makes a switch and marries someone who is everything he claims he hates?

Before You Were Barefoot_3Before You Barefoot combines girl group songs , Greek tragedy motifs, and revenge for a super dark comedy.



Photographs by Joanne Burgueno Photography