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Milkshake & Honey

Milkshake & Honey

Once a week I drive across the county whether I have anything I need to do in Quincy or not and settle in at Plumas Community Radio. It’s a big deal to make the drive on a day like today when the rain is pounding and one has to swerve not to hit the tire slicing rocks that tumble down onto the highway. Already there were whispers of a logging truck accident…it makes it sound, if not in actuality, a little perilous.

But I love coming here and doing the Milkshake & Honey show which has been on for almost a year and a half. I’m the first half of the show and my counterpart, Amelia Beck, is the second half. The original concept of the show was to do a women’s music show. I think perhaps people around town thought that would mean it would become a Kate Wolf tribute show or something to that effect. Some were skeptical. Would we find enough music to host a two hour show every Monday? Why was a women’s music show even needed? Rock shows still traditionally play–what–1 or 2 songs by women an hour ?

We never run out of music to play. We sometimes don’t feel like we even scratched the surface.  There isn’t a genre that we’ve picked although even I’ll admit we’re heavy on the 4AD, with some Jagjaguar and Kill Rock Stars and Barsuk thrown in for good measure.  I have my 60s girl group moments too. We play one guy or guy group an hour.

But those specifics aside, I like that it keeps me from that fossilization that occurs with people of a certain age where we only listen to stuff we grew up with or went to college with. It forces me to read up on bands; find out what the kids are listening to, no kids around here in the mountains of course, but cool kids somewhere sitting in their parents’ garages dreaming of getting out.

Good song writing doesn’t stop just because we get older. Some of them youngsters are doing interesting things. 

Listen sometimes. KQNY 91.9 http://www.kqny919.org Now streaming. 3-5 pm on Monday afternoons.

and yes, we did name ourselves after the Sleater-Kinney song.


My favorite volunteer job ever? Plumas Community Radio

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