Wretched Productions

It’s finally happened! Wretched Productions first full-length feature, Dolly Deadly, has become a TROMA film! And I’m in it (all other the place behind the scenes and a few in front of too).


Now available as an audiobook from iTunes, audible, audiobooks as a download or as a CD on my etsy store Sierramaid. In Plumas County it can be purchased at Plumas Arts, Sterling Sage, and Books & Beyond.

The print version will be available on Lit Star Press sometime in 2017.



Advanced Praise for Margaret Elysia Garcia’s second short story collection: Mary of the Chance Encounters.

“People love California for its constant sunshine but only a poet can capture its ubiquitous shadows and the ghostly apparitions of its unknown sinners and saints. These wonderful short stories by poet Margaret Elysia Garcia blend poignant moments of daily life in unique neighborhoods with Raymond Chandler noir and the mysteries of magical realism. A treasure trove of flawless observation of the details of life of several generations in the melting pot that is California.” –Tamra Lucid, Lucid Nation

“This beautifully written collection has everything: Mexican grandfathers, dystopian settings, female desire, and Xicano Bowie fans. La escritora bien xingona, Margaret Elysia Garcia’s magical treatment of these topics surprises, terrorizes, and inspires.”–Michelle Cruz Gonzales, The Spitboy Rule: Tales of a Xicana in a Female Punk Band

“Margaret Garcia is a one-woman magical realist revolution in American literature. In this collection, strangely familiar characters in a fairy-dusted, present-day dystopian California cast spells of survival and resistance. The stories will remind you of your own power and inspire you to keep using it for love.”–Ariel Gore, The End of Eve, The Traveling Death and Resurrection Show


Mary of the Chance Encounters is a collection of stories set in southeastern Los Angeles, chronicling the Mexican-American and Anglo population stucco’d there between family, ghosts, strip malls and too wide boulevards. But their hopes and desires run magical. The encounters break open the flat-lining air of consumer life.


Margaret Elysia Garcia is the author of award-winning stories, many of which are included here, and in her previous short story collection Sad Girls & Other Stories (Solstice Literary Press). She lives in exile from her southeastern Los Angeles roots in the remote northeastern corner of California with her family and cats in a national forest.

She’s the three-time director of the national motherhood reader’s theatre Listen to Your Mother Show and one of her essays was featured on Upworthy in 2014. She’s a contributing editor for Hip Mama Magazine and blogs for the Parenting Squad website.

She’s also a DJ at Plumas Community Radio www.kqny919.org and a reporter with Feather River Publishing (www.plumasnews.com). She’s read her work widely through out California and Oregon.

Margaret Elysia Garcia is available for interviews, workshops and readings through out California and the Pacific Northwest and Southwest.



It’s here! My first credit as a film crew girl! Such a fun weekend.

Currently Wretched Productions is working on two projects: 1) A short mini documentary on Burlesque as a way to body acceptance. We’ll be shooting in Twaine Harte, California at the Lazy Z Resort!


We’re also in pre-production on Beauty’s Edge: Not Your Ordinary Pretty Face. A documentary exploring the world of alternative modeling, covering the current and historical scenes of alternative modeling, fetish, goth, rockabilly, pin-up etc. scenes.

I’m both the production assistant and writer/researcher on these upcoming projects. I’ve worked as an actress with Wretched Productions as well!


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